Download the Game

Here you can dawnload the hentai platform videogame Sylva the Savage Openbor,
The game is free for all the readers of the comics, so to go to the link and downlaod it you will respond to 2 questions about the comics, you’ll need to buy the first and second one (2,99 dollars for every one, for a total of 5,98 $ or 7,98 if you buy the kindle version , that is a trivial expense for 2 comics and a video game which allows me to pay the expenses for the great work that has been done) so if you don’t know how to respond buy the comics on the links, that will help me to continue this work.

click here to write the password at the end of the comics

2 thoughts on “Download the Game

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Stefano,

    I finished the game, and was playing the bonus stages. When I reached the rapebot bonus stage, I couldn’t finish it because of a bug.

    Near the end, one or two rapebots will “hide” off screen, and I can’t get them even if I use the sliding attack. Therefore, I cannot complete all the bonus games.

    If you can fix this bug, that’ll be great.

    Thank you.

    • sylvathesavage on said:

      congratulations, you finished the game! that’s the last stage, other that stage you will find only the game that starts again. the problem is because the rapebot moves slowly and if there is some rapebot out of the screen is a problem. … after defeating that rapebot there is nothing else

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